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Origin Doors

How to Configure an Origin Internal Door

The OI-30 offers a timeless, Georgian aesthetic and allows you to divide space while creating a style statement. Our steel-look internal room divider options can be completely tailored to your needs, with all of the details exactly as you want them. All elements are bespoke and made-to-measure to suit your individual requirements and style, which will allow you the flexibility to include trims, kickplates or panels to suit your desired aesthetic

Sleeker and more modern than many other popular designs on the market, our OI-30 is not only functional, but creates a steel-look, timeless addition for your living space or commercial area.

  • Overall sizeYour installer will measure the size of your aperture.
  • ConfigurationChoose what set up you want, whether it's a single, French, corner set or fixed.
  • Handle style and colourSelect which handle model and finish suits your taste.
  • Open in or outSpecify whether you want your doors to open in or out.
  • Glazing bars configurationChoose how many horizontal and vertical bars you want.
  • Beading Pick whether you want square or chamfered beading.
  • Blackout panel or kickplate preferencesAdvise if you want either a blackout panel or kickplate in the bottom section of the door.

All the products from our range are sold via a network of local installers who will source the glass, as well as undertake and guarantee your installation. These installers are completely separate to Origin, meaning your contract will be with them and, therefore, any remedial work required would be carried out by your installer. More information.

Once you have found your local installer, you will be able to work with them to configure your Internal Door design. However, to get you started on this journey, we’ve put together a room divider configuration guide with the features of internal doors to consider below. You can also find your local installer for additional information on choosing the right options for you.

1. Material

As with all Origin products, the Origin Internal Doors are designed and manufactured from aluminium, which is a durable, lightweight and reliable option for internal door systems. Aluminium is the most frequently used metal in the world and is 100% recyclable, making it a highly sought-after material in the construction industry. At Origin, we only use prime billets, instead of using melted down scrap aluminium. This helps to ensure a much stronger and better-quality product. Our OI-30 internal doors are also powdercoated to withstand relentless exposure to the elements and UV light, along with the everyday excitement and vigour of family life.

2. Size options

The frame depth for the Origin Internal Door OI-30 is 40mm. You can have a maximum frame height of 3000mm with all four of our configuration options. In terms of width, the Internal French Doors have a slightly larger maximum frame width of 2060mm in comparison to other configurations. However, for larger apertures, you can position doors next to our fixed internal door frame or a combination of single and French door frames, allowing you to fit the OI-30 in openings over 10 metres if you wished.

Find out more about the minimum and maximum sizes for your door and frame options here:

Single Doors

Min Sash Width300mm
Max Sash Width1,000mm
Min Frame Width346mm
Max Frame Width1,046mm
Min Sash Height1,500mm
Max Sash Height2,500mm
Min Frame Height1,533mm
Max Frame Height3,048mm

French Doors

Min Sash Width300mm
Max Sash Width1,000mm
Min Frame Width660mm
Max Frame Width2,060mm
Min Sash Height1,500mm
Max Sash Height2,500mm
Min Frame Height1,533mm
Max Frame Height3,048mm

Fixed Frame

Min Frame Width300mm
Max Frame Width2,000mm
Min Frame Height300mm
Max Frame Height3,048mm

If you choose a corner configuration, the French, Fixed and Single Door size limitations will apply – depending on which option you choose.

Internal doorInternal doorInternal door

3. Different configurations

Origin Internal Doors allow you to choose a door in either a Single door, French door, Fixed screen or corner configuration. The OI-30 can feature large windows to divide your space while maximising the use of natural light, and you can choose fixed frames, either to the left side, right side, or fixed above the door. Fixed frames could also be used in isolation to create a screen between rooms or allow added light without completely partitioning your space.

The OI-30 is also available in a corner configuration, which is ideal for dividing up office space for the likes of a private meeting room. You can even use our corner configuration for residential purposes to break up open plan areas with more and more people spending time at home – such as creating a separate room for a private home gym or home office. The OI-30 corner configuration can be a combination of opening single, French doors or fixed doors on either side to compliment your lifestyle and needs. Using the OI-30 corner design as a room divider means that you can choose between an open or closed plan layout.

4. Colours

The OI-30 is currently available in our 9005M Jet Black, which allows the doors to suit many different interiors and settings. Our black-coated aluminium helps to create a steel-look, industrial style room divider for your space.

5. Open in or out

You can also choose which way your doors open – inwards or outwards. This allows you the flexibility of making the most of your space, particularly if you are using your OI-30 internal door in a smaller room, such as a utility room or small office.

6. Handle model and colour

A door is defined by its hardware, and the Origin Internal Door handle range has been prepared with that in mind. We offer the following types of handles when choosing your Origin Internal Door options:

  • Standard Handle
  • Contemporary Handle Collection
  • Signature Knurled Handle Collection
  • Heritage Classic Handle
  • Heritage Edged Handle

The type of handle you choose depends on your personal style and aesthetic preferences. The Signature Knurled handle, for example, is a truly stunning and highly versatile handle. The Contemporary handle collection, on the other hand, is tailored to a modern clean look with minimal fuss, while the Heritage collection featuring square or rounded edge hammered pewter or matt black is designed with the traditionalist in mind; great for Art Deco or heritage style doors. All the handles are spring loaded and designed to last a lifetime.

The colours available for your internal door handle will depend on the handle design you choose.

Your local installer can advise on the recommended handle colour options available, as well as the styles of handles.

Request a brochure to find out more about the different handle options for your Georgian room divider.

7. Locks available

If you opt for a Single Door configuration, you have the lead door options of a latch only, or a turn and release lock.

For the French Door configuration, you can also choose the slave door options of a finger bolt lock, or a dummy handle. You additionally have the lead door options of a latch only, or a turn and release lock.

8. Glazing options

You are able to choose a toughened glass glazing option of either 4mm 6mm, or 6.8mm. With our Origin Internal Doors, you can also choose between the options of clear, frosted or reeded glass. This provides you with the flexibility of creating extra privacy if desired. Your installer will source this for you rather than it being manufactured by Origin, so you’ll need to discuss this with them.

9. Choose Georgian divider bars

You can choose horizontal or vertical dividers (Georgian bars) – or both, depending on your preferred aesthetic. Our Georgian-style bar dividers provide a timeless, classic style statement for any residential or commercial property.

You can even increase or decrease the number of glazing bars to suit your preferred aesthetic. For example – you may opt for more glass and less bars for a more minimalistic design. On the other hand, you may want to choose more glazing bars for an Art Deco look.

10. Beading

When selecting your OI-30 Internal Door, you can also choose between square beading or chamfered beading. Square beading gives a modern finish, whereas the chamfered beading offers more of a softer touch. This choice is all down to the aesthetic you prefer, and whether you want to match your bespoke door to other internal or external doors in your home. A chamfered bead may be ideal if you want to emulate a more traditional putty line, whereas square beading can provide a sleek, modern appearance.

11. Door options

You have the option to choose between kickplates or panels at the bottom of your door. A panel is an ideal option if you want extra protection for the bottom of your partition room divider – for example, to protect from scuff marks and scratches. Alternatively, you can choose to specify a kickplate. This would allow you to nudge the door open with your foot if your hands are full. The panel or kickplate are optional, so if you prefer to have a fully glazed door, that’s no problem. It all depends on the door style and aesthetic you prefer, and whether you are worried about your door surface being damaged due to pets or children, for example.

12. Door location

A key benefit of the new OI-30 Internal Door is that it is ideal for any type of property – regardless of the style of your home, or whether you live in a large house or a studio apartment. Our steel-look room dividers can also be used in commercial settings to divide up a space. For example, you may want to use a door divider in an office space, to create a private meeting area. You may even want to use the Origin Internal Door in a restaurant, for a rustic, timeless statement.

When used in your home, our internal room dividers are perfect for living area spaces, dining room areas, kitchens and even bathrooms. For that extra level of privacy – for example, if you are using your internal room divider in a bathroom, you may want to opt for the option of reeded or frosted glass. Glazing options can be discussed with your local Origin Trade Partner.

Visit our Advice Centre for more advice on choosing from our wide range of interior door features and configurations.